Medieval Games for Kids: What They Played and How It Was Played


Do you know what kids played during the medieval times? If not, then you’re in for a surprise! This blog post will discuss some of the most popular games that were played during that era. Some of these games are still popular today, while others have fallen out of favor. We’ll also take a look at how these games were played and what kind of equipment was used. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

One of the most popular medieval games was called “jacks.” This game involved throwing small metal balls or disks into the air and catching them with a set of metal rods known as “jacks.” Another common game was “horseshoes.” Players would try to toss horseshoes around a wooden post in order to score points.

Another popular game was tag. The objective was simple – players had to touch other players in order to “tag” them and make them out.

There were also variations of this game that involved capture the flag or king of the hill. Other classic games included dodgeball, marbles, and tiddlywinks.

During the Middle Ages, childhood was limited in duration. With about 40% of all kids dying before the age of 9, death was common. Adulthood arrived swiftly for those who survived. At 14, boys became men, and at 12, females became women. Nonetheless, most parents encouraged their youngsters to play because it amused them. Toys and games were usually gender-specific and intended to instruct children in the activities they would undertake as adults..

Children’s games during the Middle Ages were usually outdoor activities. The most popular games were versions of tag, hide-and-seek, and catch. These re also variations of this game that involved capture the flag or king of the hill. Other classic games included dodgeball, marbles, and tiddlywinks.

One favorite game was called “StoolBall” which required at least two players. One player would throw a small ball to another who had to hit it with a stick as many times as possible before catching it again. If the ball was dropped, the other player could run off with the stool and try to touch home base without being caught. 

For Men Only

In the Middle Ages, boys had toys that mirrored the life of battle that was prevalent at the time. They played with wooden swords, toy soldiers, riding sticks, and other warlike toys. Boys from the lower classes constructed their own toys, such as play weapons out of sticks and floating boats made from hollowed-out bread loaves. Archery and football were also popular games.: Another popular game was “Knights and Dragons” which involved two teams of players. One team would try to capture the other team’s flag, while the other team defended it. The game could be played with any number of people, but typically there were about ten players on each side.

One interesting game that is mentioned in historical records, but for which no specific rules have been found, is called “Fox and Geese”. This game appears to have been a strategy game where one player tried to surround the others in such a way that they became trapped like geese in the jaws of a fox. It is believed that this may have been similar to modern-day chess or checkers.

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