Drain Cleaning-Everything You Wanted To Know

27 December 16

The Truth About Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is most likely the most popular service offered by plumbers world-wide.  And while you think it may be cheaper to do it yourself, many times hiring a professional can actually save the consumer hundreds of dollars in the long run.  According to a well-known boiler repair service, the reason is that often-times do-it-your-selfers have good intentions but end up ruining equipment or causing other problems by trying to fix the drain themselves.

Professional plumbers like Joe The Plumber own the proper drain cleaning equipment and tools used for plumbing which the majority of people don’t have laying around their home. The most vital is undoubtedly the snake.  No, not the slimy creatures that we are all scared of!

So What Is A Snake?

A snake is a primary component of drain cleaning.  It is simply a coil of wire that is threaded through to separate blockages and completely clear the drain of debris.  Occasionally, a plumber may have to completely open the drain to pump out debris and water.  But rest assured, an honest plumber will always take the path of least resistance;  in other words, whatever option is best for the customer.    drain cleaning

It is important to remember that for the most part, clogged drains can be prevented if the correct steps are taken.  Make sure you are using a drain-cleaner periodically to keep blockage from occurring.  In addition, steel mesh covers on top of the drain hole with prevent solid material from entering the drain.  Finally, according to plumberfind.co.za, it is a good idea to use baking soda once a week to clean both kitchen and bathroom drains.

Caring for drains can save you a great deal of stress and even money down the road.  However, if it is something that needs a professional, don’t hesitate in hiring the best.

In case of an emergency, day or night, there is one Ocala plumber you can count on; Joe The Plumber.  Feel free to call him any time at 352-390-5700!

If you are in Texas, you can call Hackler Plumbing (based in McKinney Texas)

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